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We are A-Z company that will take care of everything for you. We will help you to understand which direction to take your vision, our expertise it’s what makes the difference.
We at modern vision will guide you throughout the process of creating the relevant scope of work for you, build a budget, design, permitting and picking up the finish materials you’ll like, and get the construction phase done as smooths as possible.
We always involve in every step of the project down to the very small details- this in order to walk hand by hand with our clients to make the vision comes true.
We believe that communication is a key for successful project and work really hard to provide stress free project.
After many years of experience We know the simple part it’s get the job done so our mission it’s to create relationships for life in our community.

Yes we are , our license number is:
When you become our client we will provide you with all the necessary legal documents.

We have financial ability to commit and get prepared for your project,
So we require small retainer (up to 2500$)
To book the job.
Upon the job starts we will create a payment schedule base on progress.
This payment schedule design to give the client the confidence that you’ll never pay for work or materials that hasn’t been done or supplied upfront.

How will my project be supervised?…
This where our expertise comes into action.
We are experts at managing the project,
We care about clients and respect their homes..
Our project managers will handle all coordination and support between the clients to our friendly workers, suppliers, schedule.

Yes, any project with structure, plumbing or electrical modifications will involve permitting and inspections.
We will coordinate with your city everything that relevant to complete the job up to the local codes and requirements.

Yes! We happily assisting you with picking the finish materials for your project.
We also understand how important is it for the contractor to be involved as we can provide you additional information about quantity’s, square footage, requirements, what recommend and what the avoid.
This teamwork helps to prevent delays or issues ones the project begins.
You can work with your own vendors or with vendors we have relationships with.
We also happily providing our discounts/benefits (if applies) with selected show rooms and vendors.

Designing distinctive, exquisite, and budget-friendly home transformations.

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